Thursday, February 28, 2008


Let's all Live each day as if we were ~*~Tigger~*~.....Bouncing around full of Cheerfulness...Living each minute to the Fullest....As if not another thing was more important than just plain being Happy! and
Full of Life....Smiles....Birdy

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

~*~It was a Beautiful Day today~*~

It was so pretty today! Just like Spring.
My doggie Andrea was outside all day just soaking up the sun.....She is a sweetie...Smiles...Birdy

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

~*~My Little Leprachon~*~

Oh My Goodenss~*~I love this little guy...
He was alot of fun to make...Smiles Birdy

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

~*~Almost got some GReEn on here today~*~

Well He is almost done....Just gotta get him together! He is all over the couch! Looks like me today...Running around with my head off! You all have a wonderful week...Smiles..Birdy

~*~Looks Like Rain~*~& Wind~*~

Happy Sunday! Smiles ... Birdy.....

Saturday, February 23, 2008

~*~Good Day with Good Friends~*~

Had a great day with FRIENDS....Lunch with Mary ...Now that was a good time! Goodness there's nothing like a little wine and good company!
Went to see my friend Miss Becky and while there Miss Faye came to visit...We had a good time....Was so good to see them!
Not to say how Beautiful my nails look now ...Thank you Miss Becky!
Gunna be rainy tomorrow...So I will be making goodies...And I will have my little St. Pattys Day goodies here to show you ....Smiles ..Birdyjo

Friday, February 22, 2008


Well I got all into changing my ~*~BLOG~*~...But I learned alot by doing it...AND that is really why I chose to have a blog...To keep my little Pea Brain Happy!!! and it is!

Hope you enjoy it.... Will be adding more fun things...Please come back ...Smiles ..Birdyjo

~*~Gotta Get to Sewing~*~

Well I have been doing the Domestic thing just about LONG enough...

It's time for me to get my little hands to making some GREEN GOODIES...

Ya'all know St.Pattys Day is just aroung the corner!

So gunna make some goodies to make the season a bit more fun!

You all have a wonderful weekend .....Be safe and enjoy! Smiles...Birdyjo

Thursday, February 21, 2008

~*~Home Sweet Home~*~

My goodness I have just had the best day....It's 3:15 pm and I just got out of the shower...I have been in my jammies all day Cleaning and enjoying being here...Cleaned and dusted all around the house and hung some Samplers and moved plants around...The yard is all cleaned up after the Big Wind Storm....Thanks to Mike....Thank you ..Got to talk to Ty today...He is selling Cheese Cakes and I ordered
one from him...ONLY because 2 grandkids come with it!!!!! I have to go to MIssissippi
to pick it up.......Looking forward to it....shipping would be cheaper but then I don't get the 2 grandkids on the side....hee hee

All is good in "The Windy City"...Waiting to see Miss Ashley..Yippie...Ya'all have a wonderful evening..Smiles..Birdyjo

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

~*~The Windy City~*~

Well ...I'm back to my Nest in the Desert.....Goodness the wind blew so bad here the Tree fell down and part of the roof is GONE....Its ok... now we have something to do....The patio looks like the Beach!

And the Fence is kinda leanin to the east.....BUT besides that we are glad to be here......Of course we had to go to Del Taco and gather for Taco Night.....Ymmmm! Hope you all have had a wonderful day! Smiles...Birdyjo

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

~*~The Wedding~*~

Miss Ashley and Bryan were married on Oct.6th 2007.
It was a Beautiful Wedding! We all had so much fun getting ready..
Putting up the tent and Miss Carey getting on the ladder and putting
those pretty bows at the top of the tent.....Only a Mama would do that.
A good time was had by all....And they lived Happily Ever After!
Just waiting for the next Little Vogele to show up!

~*~Heading Home~*~

Well...We are heading home to the Desert....How Grandma Donald Loved the desert...She was a HOot....Miss her.
Glad to be heading home ..Gotta get Miss Carey and go for a diet coke at Del Taco....Oh yes and some Tacos too..
Like they say ~*~Theres No Place Like Home~*~..
Here I my little nest in the desert...
Gotta make some more memories with family and friends..

~*~Pitiful Part of the Family~*~

OH Goodness .....Miss Belle..She has so much Class..

Felt bad had to add her to My Blog..

Well what can I say...She was running late for the Party and dressed backwards.....No one told her...We just accept her as she is!

Bless her heart!!!!


~*~4th of July~*~

Heidi and Tracy at Morro Bay...We had a wonderful 4th of July....Oh thats my dog you have there !!
Give Lucy back to Mama....Smiles ...Birdyjo

~*~The Ever Famous Morro Bay Turkeys~*~

These little Guys come and visit everyday!
They are just so darn funny...They camp under Will and Sues trees...When these Turkeys are out and about the traffic on Piney Way ~*~STOPS~*~ They are a HOot..
Smiles ...Birdyjo

~*~Visit to Avila Valley Farms~*~

What a fun day we had at Avila Valley Farms...
Carey ~*~Ashton~*~Becky...Dec.2006
These are the memories that stay with you...
Oh the Bakery is the Best...Ever in the area you need to
go to this place...Smiles ....Birdyjo

Monday, February 18, 2008

~*~Ty * Gretchen * Sammy~*~

This picture was taken March 2007...After Ty's Bone Marrow
Transplant..Was his first trip to Morro Bay since he was
sick..Our family so enjoy seeing them...What a Blessing!
Thank you Miss Sammy for all the Strong Bone Marrow you
gave your brother....Our Golden Ticket....Miss Nesbit

Goodness I have ~*~ALOT~*~to learn!

Oh I'am trying to post my first picture....So far I have put 2 and can not see them...Oh I did it...Guess What I forgot to click the ~*~I accept the Rules~*~ ok now I know what to do...This could prove to be fun....Yippie..

~*~I love Primitives~*~

Well it is February 18th and I guess I think that I should learn something new..
So I decided that I should build a Blog.....
So here goes Birdyjo!
Stay tuned for more......