Monday, June 29, 2009

~*~Sunday in Morro Bay~*~

We started our day off with some ~*~Strawberry Waffles~*~They were Yummy!
We had lunch at Rose's Landing! So did this sweet little Puppy!

I loved this sign! Enjoy all the pictures! They go Way down!

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Miss Sammy and the Fish~*~
Miss Gretchen and the Pelican~*~
Miss Sammy and I loved this Fish!
Miss Ashley ~*~ Miss Sammy~*~Mr.Ty & Miss Gretchen!

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Mermaids & Dophins~*~By Dolphins Shirt Co!
Our Morro Bay Trolly! I would love to drive one of these!!

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We are Chinese! I think I look rather Beautiful in this hat!!! LOL~*~
I love all the Whimsical Yard Art!
Our little Sweet Glasses we used for dinner! They were Our Aunt Peanies! I'm sure they must be at least 50 years old! They were fun to use!

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The seal's were out playing! They were so so playful! ShOwInG Off!!
This is the Sign for me! To go home and put my feet up and Drink Wine! Oh Yeah!

If You come to Morro Bay!! You have to buy some of the Cinnamon Buns with Nuts and Icing! To die for!!!!!!
This little DragonFly is for you Miss Carey!!! Cute Cute!!
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The whales are here! You can see the BIG PUFFS of water as they swim!
Love this Woody ! The Interior is so Cool~*~
The seals were out showing off !They were comical!
Sammy on the Pelican! A good day was had by All!! Everyone enjoy your Day!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

~*~This and That~*~

Love the way the sun was setting on the ocean! Was so Pretty~*~
Shell Beach! All the Pelicans gather here every year on a Big Ol' Rock!
Just a pretty Birdie visiting the Beach last Saturday! Love it!
This shell is in one of my planters and this crazy lil' California Poppy grew right thru one of the little holes! Hope you are all having a great day!

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

~*~Hometown~*~ Daggett!

In this picture is my Sister and I sitting on top of an old car! Which was probably Quite New then! I'm the younger of the two!
We were dressed up for Calico Day's I'm thinking! Or maybe this is the way we were dressed !! LOL~*~
The good looking young boys to the left are my Grandson's Michael Shane & Ty Hines Waggoner! Love those Boys!
Thought you would enjoy this picture Sister! Hugs~*~

This is my home when I was growing up! It looked a bit better when we lived there! NO! That is not my motorcycle!
Had alot of fun in this little bitty desert town of Daggett! Sitting right on Old Route 66~*~
Just down the road was a Bar! The little beige place was the bar my Dad had! It was called Bob's Place! I used to wash the Beer Mugs in the back! Oh my!! That is funny! Remembering back those were such fun times! How did I ever turn out Normal! Good Parents!
Or ~*~Maybe~*~ I didn't!!
Oh yes! This is the ~*~Daggett Fire Hall~*~We had dances every Saturday! Oh those were fun! We pulled out the Fire Trucks and then we danced inside! Oh! I can not believe they let us kids drive the Fire Trucks out! My Friend Janice backed one of them in and ran into the wall! I had alot of great friends ! Just a bit of Nostalgia! Everyone have a fun Weekend! ~*~Dance~*~ as if no one was Watching~*~

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Old Totes~*~

This is an old tote I have had for years! I needed a shelf and it worked out just ~*~Right~*~...Make's you wonder where this Ol' Tote has been ...I'm sure it was for tools! If it could only talk to me!!
I love the SaltBox House's..
I'm so excited for the 4th of July! All the kids & Grandkids will be here! Ty will celebrate his 12th Birthday with us !
AND that is a ~*~Blessing~*~. I know I'm kinda getting started early ...But that is what Retired is ya just find things to do!
Besides ! I love all the decorating! Yippie! Everyone have a ~*~Great Day~*~

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