Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pismo Beach~*~

Drove on 
~*~Pismo Beach~*~
Was Beautiful!

~*~ Pismo Beach~*~
Leann & Michael
They are heading home tomorrow! 
I'm going to miss them..
We had a Great Time with them! 
Remember to~*~ Enjoy the Present~*~

Saturday, June 23, 2012

~It's a Beautiful Saturday~
A bit Chilly but nice~
We are enjoying having our grandson
Michael and his girlfriend Leann~
I love the 
~Hay Rides~

Enjoying the 
~Petting Zoo~
Remember to~Enjoy The Present!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


OMG~*~ Found this looking around
First of all I love the sign & the windows!
But what I love most is the 
~Box with the drill for a Handle~
That is the cutest thing I have seen in a while!
What and IMAGINATION some people have!
I'm thinking I need one! 
Would be cute also Painted all White! 
For the Beachie Look!! 
Remember to ~ Enjoy the Present!

Monday, June 18, 2012

~*My Pink Flamingo~*~

I'm really NOT a 
~Pink Flamingo~ 
person! But my friend ~Ruthie~ and I 
were discussing them one day!
We came to the conclusion that we 
liked them!! 
BUT~ That they really did NOT go with 
Our Primitive Decor! 
Luckily here in Morro Bay it kinda fits! :)
So! I saw this in Target the other day 
and it took me back to 
~My Sweet Friend Ruthie~
and our discussion!
And I bought it! 
Makes me ~Happy~ when I see it!
I think ~Miss Ruthie~ would
Remember to : Enjoy the Present!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

~Summer 2012~

We enjoyed Memorial Day weekend in 
~*~Big Bear~*~ 
Kayaking and Fishing

Mike and Bryan

We even had a bit of 

~*~Gretchen and Heidi~*~

In Disneyland! 
What fun we had! 

Gathering around the table for a game of 
We Love to play this game!

Charilie & Miss Emma took their place in 
~The Bay Window~
They had Fun too!

On to Our Granddaughter 
Cissie's Graduation!
She had a Blast at her Graduation!

Grandpa ~ Cissie ~ Grandma
at her Graduation Party! 
We gave her a 
Micky Mouse Grad Hat!! 

Up we went to see the 
Elephant Seals in San Simeon! 

We enjoyed lunch with 
Aunt Tracy and Aunt Heidi

Like all other visits we had to visit 
~The Shell Shop ~
Miss Sammie

Gretchen and Daddy

Grandma & Grandpa

The Tide Pools~ 
In the Fog


~*~Cayucos Pier~*~

~*~Lunch at Duckies~*~

~*~Sammie & Christina~*~

Morro Bay Beach

Fun riding Bikes!
Thank You ~St. Jude!

Funny Glasses!! 
Lunch at the Hut
Gretchen and Carey

We all had a wonderful time with everyone!
There's nothing like 
Remember to ~Enjoy the Present!