Friday, September 30, 2011

Scarecrow Festival in Cambria Calif.

We spent the morning in ~Cambria~
They are having their
~Scarecrow Festival~
Thought I would share with you!


~Reminds me of New Orleans~

~Awesome store in Cambria~

~Where is the Train! ?


~Love this Crow~ Cawwww

Yikes here he is again!!

My Favorite little store in Cambria!

~Time for Lunch~

~A neat old fence~

This is a favorite of mine~
I loved her legs and shoes~!!

Check out her legs!

Love this!

So darn cute!
This was by a Cooking Store!!

Linn's Farm
Simply the ~Best Pies~ here!!!

~Hearts Ease~

~My Best Friend~
Oh and Miss Emma!!

She is neat!

A neat Corner!
We had a Great Day..
The sun was Shining and Beautiful!!
Have a wonderful weekend Peep's...
Remember to ~ Enjoy the Present..
I'm off to make me a Scarecrow..
Hope You enjoyed them!! and Cambria!!

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

~*~ Alaska ~*~

Since my last post I have got ~Older~
Enjoyed my Birthday with my family...

Then off for a
We finally took the plunge and hopped on a Ship!
Off to

Flew to
Made me think about that movie
~Sleepless in Seattle~
With ~ Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks! ~
Love that Movie!

We got to visit the Kitchen!

Up on top of the ship! It was just amazing!
So Peaceful!

First Stop was
~ Juneau~
I liked this little town! It was a rainy day! As you can see!
While we were here we had lunch at
~The Hanger~
It was right where the Sea Planes took off and landed!

This was our Ship
~The Westerdam~
The workers on this ship were so ~Nice~
Always ~Smiling! and that is what I like!
~Happy People~

~The Sea Planes~

~Oh My Goodness~We went to
~The Pennicle Grill~ on the ship.
This was Fancy and Fun!
~Which Fork to use First~

We went down
~ Tracy Arm~
It was Beautiful! Thousands of waterfalls!
and Iceburgs!

~Tracy Arm~

~Tracy Arm~

Loved the Iceburgs!

My ~Favorite~
Just the Simple Life!

Ketchikan~ Salmon Capital of the World!
Just So Neat!
I would love to go back!


In Canada!

~Trolly Horses~

~Yummie Ice Cream~

I loved these Dolphins~

After Victoria Canada we docked in Seattle!
Flew off to Ontario Ca..
We had a wonderful time!
I will never forget ~ We made more Great Memories!
Remember To~ Enjoy The Present~

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