Saturday, January 28, 2012

~*~Morro Bay Sunsets~*~

~Our Sunsets~
~I love the view from my kitchen window~
My curtains are ~Old Pillow Cases!
I love the Simple Things!
I think the Sunsets are the prettiest in ~Janurary!
Aunt Peanie always Loved the Sunsets!
She would say
Your missing the Sunset!
OPEN the Drapes!
Miss You Aunt Peanie..

~Gods Work~

~Simply Beautiful~
Enjoy Your Day!
Remember to ~*~Enjoy The Present~*~

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

~*~ The Simple Things~*~

~We~ had the Best Day Today!
Walks~ Football~ Subway~
Laundry~ Hanging Stuff~ Cleaning~
Watching Emma Play~ Texting my Kids~
Then a Nice Shrimp Dinner
~At Home~
It's the Simple Things!
Hope You All Had
~A Wonderful Weekend~
Remember to ~Enjoy the Present~

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Needing to go Junkin~

It's Saturday Mornin!
I'm in need of some
~Junkin Time~
We are off to some ~Garage Sales~
I hope we find some junk along the road!
I love when they put stuff out and and
Sign that says ~FREEE~
I'll post if I find some ~Cool Stuff~
Remember to~**~Enjoy the Present~**~

Friday, January 6, 2012

~*~ Valentines is just around the Corner~*~
I'm going to start getting some things made
for my Sweet Family~
They are so Loved!!
Remember~*~To Enjoy the Present~*~

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just One of Those Days~*~

Gosh~*~ It's just been one of those days!!
Where ya can't quite focus on what you want to do!
It's been a long Month!
Maybe ~The Good Lord ~ is just telling me to
~Take it Easy~
Your Retired and you can do WhatEver ya want to do
OR Not do!!
I guess the Choice is Mine!
I'm thinking I Choose to
EAT POPcorn & Watch a Movie!
Remember to ~ Enjoy the Present~

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

~Re~Arranging~ My Favorite Thing to Do~

~Got a bit of re~arranging done today~
I think this is kinda ~Cozy~ Maybe I will
sit down and read a ~Novel~
Any how I like this old chair of my Aunt Paulines
sitting here by the fire!! She would of loved it!
I could do some fine ~Samplers~
sitting here!!
~The End of a Satisfying Day~
Doing what I Love to Do~
Remember to~Enjoy the Present~**~
It's a Pretty day in Morro Bay!
I'm thinking I will start a bit of re~arranging!
It's always fun to move things around after the Holidays!!
So off I go to Move the House around!
I will post some pic's when I'm done!!
Hoping all my Friends and Family have a Great Day!
Remember to~*~ Enjoy the Present~*~

Monday, January 2, 2012

~*~Happy Birthday Carey Ann~*~

~*~ Happy Birthday~*~
Have a Wonderful Birthday!
So enjoyed celebrating it this weekend!
We Love you Dearly!
Love you! MAMA & Daddy~

~*~Happy New Year~*~

~*~Happy New Year~*~


Looking forward to a Great New Year!


Well ~ Since my last post! We have had a

~Wonderful Christmas~

with Family and Friends..

~**~ Michael~Cissie~Grandma~Grandpa~**~

Could not ask for more~

Except for Gretchens Family to be here!

They had a wonderful Christmas also!

We enjoyed a very nice

~Thanksgiving ~

At ~The Homestead~ in Barstow!

We had Mr.Sam as a guest..

He served in Pearl Harbor! What stories he has told us!
We have so much to be

~Thankful For~

Also in November I went out to Gretchens with

my daughter Carey and Granddaughter Ashley

for my Grandson Tys 5 year check up at


We had a wonderful time!

And Ty is now 5 Years Cancer Free~

~God is Good~

While we were in Mississippi,we went up to
Hendersonville,Tennessee to see where

~The Waggoner Family~

are moving! It is Beautiful there.

While we were there we visited

~The Jack Danials Distellery~

This is Jacks Old Office! I loved it.

Sitting there all Pretty is..

Carey~Gretchen~Ashley & Sammie..

What a Great time we had!

This is in Nashville,Tennessee..

~The Gaylord Opryland Resort~

This place was awesome....
Remember to~*~Enjoy The Present~*~