Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Looking for the Sun!

Our Day started out with all these kids laughing as they attend a ~*~Day Camp~*~visiting Morro Bay! They were all so Happy!
Gotta Keep the ~*~KID~*~in ya!
Thought you would enjoy seeing this ~*~Mermaid Sailboat~*~ I loved it!
LOOK ,how calm the water is! Was just Beautiful!
Seeking the Sun! Half the Rock is gone!
We do find the sun!
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This is on the ~*~Woody~*~pictured below! So Cool~ Check out the l ittle seashell hooked to the plate!
I loved this!!! Cayucos,Ca.
Cayucos Ca. Pier~*~
~*~The Woody~*~ Wish you all could of seen it! So neat!
~*~Spare Tire~*~
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Moonstone Boardwalk in Cambria~*~

Cambria Coastline~*~
San Simeon Pier~*~
San Simeon Beach! Love the kite~*~
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Went for a Ride~*~

Cayucos Ca. Pier!
~*~Windmill & Morro Rock~*~ I love this picture! Was so Happy to get it!

I love the ~*~Crows! This guy was just waiting for me to get this picture! (He told me) ..
Hope you enjoyed all the pictures of our ride!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

~*~Work In Progress~*~

Mr . Pin Poke! Waiting patiently to be Done~*~ Gotta find him some old buttons!
A little bit of fun~*~
Faceless Pumpkin! Shall have a nice lil face Soon!
Just sharing some of the goodies I am working on! Nothing fancy, but Very fun to make! Will Post some more pic's when they get all their accessories on! Gotta have the accessories ya know!!!!!! Enjoy Your day !

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Monday, July 20, 2009

SunFlowers & The Moon~*~

The SunFlowers are in Full Bloom! So pretty~
Saw this neat car in Cayucos,Ca..Love the surfboard ! The little sign on the window says "The Original Owner, Still Owns it!
How Awesome is that???
Salute to the Crew! Of Apollo XI~*~*~ Love this button! Have had it for years...
Everyone enjoy your day!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

~*~Happy Birthday to Mike~*~

Betty Boop~*~ May I serve you!
How about a little Music to add to the occasion?
Shall I pick a Song?~ Good Night Sweetheart maybe?

How about a drink or two! Then on with the Party!

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Today is Mike's Happy Birthday! Yeah! We had a Great Day! Had lunch at this neat ~*~Rock & Roll Diner~*~ at Oceano Beach Ca.
It is a Train! Was so neat inside! And the food was Great!
I would of got Myself an apron! But I'm NoT all that great in the Kitchen! WOULD rather decorate it! Mike is the Cook~
Happy Birthday to my Sweet Husband of 44yrs & went steady LOL~ for 3yrs Prior! Total 47 years Poor Mike! Goodness LONG time!!! ONLY because I'm so Sweet!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thrift Store Finds~*~

Tootled to the Morro Bay Thrift Store today ~ WOW~*~ I found lots of Great Goodies~ I found this cutter quilt in 9 huge square pieces!Cost $ 5.00~*~ A candle holder for a Make do.$1.25~*~ Going to use this pitch fork for a scarecrow in Mikes garden.$3.00~*~A dress for my scarecrow $4.00...Yippie ..Love when I find neat goodies! Will Post pic of Scarecrow when done...She will have No Face ..I believe she will be an Amish one! Enjoy Life~*~*~

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Caw of the Crow Primitives~*~

Sweet Emma Angel Make do!
Sweet Emma's Face~*~
Oh!, and Leonard the Whale! Simply fun to make! All available at Gretchen's Lemon Poppy Seeds!
Live for Today!

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