Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Morro Bay ~ Big ol' Waves ~

Big Ol Waves! 

Can you see the Birdie!! ?


Crazy Seagulls~ 
We even have those crazy Gulls in 
I'm sure they are LOST!! 
Have a Wonderful Day!! 
Remember to ~Enjoy the Present~*~

~Our Hike~Montana de' Oro State Park

What a Beautiful hike we had!
The day was Perfect~*~

Man~ This old Ocean is Huge! 
You could see so far~ 

I so enjoyed this hike..
I'm looking forward to going out there again! 
God did a great job here~~ 
Just Beautiful!! 
Remember to ~ Enjoy the Present! 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

~*~2013 Is Going To Be ~A Great Year~*~

~Happy Birthday~
Carey Ann! 
Whoo Hoo! 
We enjoyed that 
German Chocolate Cake

Thank You Carey and Bryan~
for moving Aunt Peanies Hutch 
into my Sewing Room!
It's coming together in there! 
I will be Creating some fun things~ 
Really need to paint it ~Black~ 

Great way to start my New Year~
I got to help my granddaughter Ashley 
work on her Cabinets~~ 
They turned out Beautiful~ 
She will be adding a new floor also! 
See the wood! Pretty!! 

Wanted to share my 
~Long Johns~ I made for my friend~
Miss Belle! 
I always make her something for her 
home for to decorate for 
Hope you all are enjoying ~2013~
Remember to ~*~ Enjoy the Present~*~

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

~My Laundry Room~

The house is coming along! 
Getting things hung and spiffied up!
This is the ~Laundry Room~
This is my Pie Safe that came from 
a cafe in town! 
I love it!
I have collected the Pie~Cake Carriers and 
Bread Box's 
ONLY when I collected them ~
They were Cheap to buy! 

Inside are all my old soap boxes and 
Pie Pans..
and of course my laundry soap! 

So glad I don't have to use that 
Glass Scrub Board!!!!!
Pink Dustpan is an oldie~
My towels are hanging from 
an old side of a stool..
Purchased from Cindy~
Thank You for dropping by~ 
Remember to ~Enjoy the Present~