Sunday, December 29, 2013

Youth Bed Shelf~*~

We got my shelf hung ~*~
Got this antique youth headboard at 
Our Antique Mall~ 
Mike made it into a shelf with pegs~ 
I love it! 
It shall have a new life! 
Thank You for dropping by!  

Sunday, December 15, 2013

~*~ Christmas Prettys~*~

I love decorating my home~ 
Seem's I'm getting more attached to the greenery~ 
I'm thinking because its so pretty and easy! 

My Old Old Santa~ 
He must be 45 years old~ 
He make's me Smile! 
So many Memories!

My Christmas Tree~ 
All done in Red~ Except for Ty's ornament~
I did it all Red because 
I didn't have to think how to space all the other colors! 
No Brainer! 

Ty's ornament from St.Jude~ 

My Blackboard I did! 
Not too bad of a job!

Sweet Tree's from Gretchen~ 
Thank You!

Baby Shoes from Gretchen!

My Sweet Angel for my friend
Ruthie Maldonado
I miss her so! 
Thank You for dropping by! 
Only 10 More days till 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

~*~Gretchens Barn Sale~*~

She got to set up in the Old Post Office~
It all looks so cute

Mr ~ Jingles made it there~ 
Love her little Shoes with the Trees in them~

LOVE this Angel~ She is Beautiful~ 
Miss Gretchen you did A Wonderful Job!

Front of the little post office

View from Outside….So Cozy!

And here is My Granddaughter Sammie~ 
She loved her socks I sent her~ 
LOVE you Sammie~*~
Thank You for dropping by~ 
Stay Warm~

Sunday, December 1, 2013

~*~Thanksgiving 2013~*~

~Our Thanksgiving Table~
All ready for ~Family~ 
 I love using my old dishes! 

See my Tree Topper Miss Gretchen made me~ 

~Miss Emma Love's it under the Tree~

Tridition~ Clove's in the Oranges!

~Stringing Popcorn and Cranberries~ 
It's Simply the Best! 
We had a Very Nice Thanksgiving! 
Now on too Christmas! 
Thank You for dropping by!