Monday, April 25, 2011


The Table is set for some

~Good Eating~

And that we did!

Miss Gretchen made dessert!

~Was So Yummie~

Thank You ~Gretchen~

Dad BBQ~*~ Was so so Good!

Lee made the ~Asparagus!


Ty and Sammie

Waiting to go

~Easter Egg Hunting~

They had fun!!

~Sweet Little Girl~

She was attending the

At the Church Easter Egg Hunt!

We all had a Great Easter!

We all have so many


To Be Thankful For!

Remember to ~Enjoy The Present~

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Since My Last Post~**~

Since my last post we have seen

~Beautiful Butterfly's~

~The Dogwood Blooming~

Are simply awesome!

This is in our back yard!

Squirrel's are out and about

~Enjoying the Green's all around! A bit of sign making! This is one of my favorite! Noel H. Hines Cookie Co.. The girls Grandpa Hines always made them ~Homemade Cookies! We Miss him! And of course ~Baseball Season~ Started! Ty had a game last night! They won!! We are enjoying the ~Southern~ Ways... Remember to ~**~ Enjoy the Present~**~

Thursday, April 7, 2011

~**~Spring in Mississippi~**~

~~**~ Miss Emma and I~**~

Enjoying the porch swing!

Waiting for the leaves on the trees~

Shouldn't be long~

I think this is a Moth! It is so Big and Pretty! It stayed here all day! The Butterfly's are flittering all around! They are so Pretty~ ~*~It is Simply Spring in Mississippi~*~

Remember to ~Enjoy the Present~