Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year almost gone~*~

This has been a ~Good Year~
Looking forward to
We are so ~Blessed~

Sunday, December 2, 2012

~*~My Christmas Dome~*~

~*~ My dome is always fun to fix up~*~
My friend Miss Ruthie got me interested in the domes!
~*~This is for you Ruthie ~*~
Remember to~*~Enjoy The Present~*~ 

Christmas Cheer Is Here~*~

~Just a bit of this and that! 
Old decorations of Aunt Peanie's~
Charlie Brown's Tree! 

Aunt Peanies Reindeer~ 
They are really old and still have the box~

~*~Our Little Seaside Village~*~

~*~Seaside Santa~*~


Hoping you all are having fun
decorating for Christmas~
Remember to ~*~ Enjoy The Present~*~

Thursday, November 29, 2012

~Christmas Time 2012~

We have the Tree up! 
I had fun making the 
Muslin Garland!

~Our Mantel~
I have been ~Good~ so I'm sure 
Santa will fill my 

I Simply Love 

~My Little Ruthie Tree~

Almost done here! 
My village needs a 
Snow Storm! LOL

~The Entry~
Dang I wish Santa would bring me
some Wood Floors! 
But I have not been that Good!

Santa made by 

~One of my little
Gathering of Needfulls!

~*~Merry Christmas~*~

~I love the little trees~

~*~The Leg~*~
Gotta love the movie
~A Christmas Story~ 
This is in our front window!

~My Garland~

What fun I had decorating!
A bit more to do! 
Remember to~Enjoy The Present~

Sunday, October 14, 2012

~*~Birdy has Moved~*~

~*~We Have Moved~*~
Finally took that plunge and SOLD the 
Was a big decision! 
But the good thing is our daughter Carey
bought the Homestead! So I can go back and 
When ever I want!

This is our new home in ~Helendale~
Not much yard work here! 
Like we had at the Homestead! 
This was our goal! 
Less yard work ~ More Fun!
Yes~The red rock NEEDS to Be GONE! 
Soon we will have it like we like!

This picture is Priceless to Me!
We had all this work to do and I looked out the back
window and there was Mike! 

And he caught a 
Big Mouth Bass! 
I just love it!! 

Yep ! There is George upstairs
getting ready to take off the 
HORRID texture on the walls! 
It's upstairs and downstairs! 
YIKES! Who would want that! 
AND the Chandelier is being replaced!!
Thank You George & Tim!

We are getting there! 
Trying to Birdyjo it!! 

Special spot for my 
Ruthie Sampler!

Painted the Laundry Room.
And got my old Pie Safe hung! 
Still need to finish it up! 

Birdyjo Here!

YaY ~ The kitchen window with a 
I do have my curtains ordered! LoL
My Grandson called them 
Motor Home Curtains!

Extra Rooms 
Getting there!

Mikes Grandma's Old Quilt
I love it!

Corner of the living room with 
Was so bright we hung an 
old quilt top! 
Curtains coming! LoL

Here they are! 

Well~ I just wanted to share with you what we 
are doing! It will take time to get our 
home to be like we like! 
Ya Know 
That Primitive Home 
we all love! 
I will post some pics as we go! 
Remember to ~Enjoy the Present!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Feel ~Fall~ in the Air~*~

Some great ideas for the 
~Fall Decorating~ 
I Love this table!

A few Prim 
Halloween Goodies!

I LOVE this! 
I have to make me a 
~A Black  Pumpkin! 
Hope you are all having a 
Great Labor Day Weekend! 
Remember to~ Enjoy The Present! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nance and Ron's Haven~*~

Country Birdy House!

They have a 
to die for! 
Well Maybe NOT DIE~ 

Nance's Tomato Bed

Nance's Scarecrow