Wednesday, April 16, 2008

~*~A New Journey~*~

Well our new journey is about to get started..........This is our new home in Hernando Mississippi....We are going to get acquainted with the South! Such nice people there...So we will be Southern Folks and Beach Bums also.....I guess I could get a riding lawn mower too....I was thinking I would get a ~*~Pink ~*~one......So I will keep you all informed as to what and where we are! Will take lots of crazy pictures.....Smiles to all....Birdy


Caw of the Crow said...

Going to have lots of FUN & many GREAT memories here!!!
I love you guys!!
Love, Gretchen
p.s. box up Carey, Heidi, & Ashley, too!!!! Come one.... Come all!!!

Southern Heart said...

Hi Pam! What a beautiful blog...and a lovely new home, too! I hope that you'll be very happy there.

Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind comments on my blog. I hope that you will love this area. And, I was so glad to hear that the little one in your family is doing well...Amen!

Please stop by anytime, and let me know if there is anything in particular that you would like to see photographed.