Saturday, August 9, 2008

~*~I'm A Little Black Crow~*~

Wilma is almost done! She is still looking for her Punkin ! Just thought I would give you a Sneak Peak! Getting ready to go and get Wilma's Punkin...She needs some Bling don't ya think?Smiles~*~Birdy This is a Soft in the Head Pattern..
SOLD ~*~


Linda ~ AKA Ms. Belle said...

Oh Ms Weezer Ms Wilma is just adorabel! Have fun Punkin hunting! Big HUGS Belle

GNG Girl said...

Ms. Wilma is one hot 'Ol CroW!
Look at those saSSy boots!

Nice work Birdy! :o)

I got the sewing machine out & had a crash refresher course from hubby! We'll see what comes of it!!!


Doreen said...

Hi...your crow looks great..I recognized the crow right away..Pams a friend of mine :)

You did a great job with it.

Your blog is lovely.

Take care,

Sam I Am said...

Love Wilma!! :)

Hey..we might be heading up to Morro bay in sept..
not sure yet..hubby just tossed the idea out there as a place to go visit again..and i said.."Hey..Birdy Lives there!!" :)