Thursday, January 8, 2009

~*~Their's No Place Like Home~*~

We made it to Barstow!
So Nice to be in our home of 31 years!
Sitting in my little spot I'm used to sitting in and watching Mike light
The Fireplace!
So Normal!!
Well, today I will visit my kids and go to Del Taco for sure!
So excited to visit everyone!
We got to Fredricksburg,Texas and I will post pictures of it soon!
It was so neat!
Everyone enjoy your day! SMileS~*~Birdy


GNG Girl said...


I was too slow & y'all were too fast, excited to get there were'ya? :)

I'm going to send the box to you & you can divide it & send G what you think she'd like! I'll send her, her "special" seperately! :)

Glad you made it safely, we had record flooding nearby so I'm going to see where/how I can help out!

I already entered you both in the drawing! teehee:) 200 posts already! :)


Caw of the Crow said...

I am so glad you made it "Home" Safe and Sound!! I am SO SO jealous that you get to hug Carey and Ashley today!! Boo hoo!!! And.... have Del Taco on top of THAT!! Waaaaah!!! I love you!! Have a great, great ,great time!! Enjoy Everyone!!
Love, Gpoo

Phillane E'lee said...

Hello Birdy,
well glad to hear you made it fine and all is well. Enjoy the days in the sun.. I know it is warmer there then here.
Will you be ever so kind as to change my link here. I have changed the name and so the link went too.
Thanks so much

Ash said...

Yippie.. Yippie....Yippie...

Your Home... I had a great day with you and my mom.. Cant wait for tomorrow..
I love you soo much...
Love Ash =)