Thursday, June 11, 2009

Old Totes~*~

This is an old tote I have had for years! I needed a shelf and it worked out just ~*~Right~*~...Make's you wonder where this Ol' Tote has been ...I'm sure it was for tools! If it could only talk to me!!
I love the SaltBox House's..
I'm so excited for the 4th of July! All the kids & Grandkids will be here! Ty will celebrate his 12th Birthday with us !
AND that is a ~*~Blessing~*~. I know I'm kinda getting started early ...But that is what Retired is ya just find things to do!
Besides ! I love all the decorating! Yippie! Everyone have a ~*~Great Day~*~

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Robin said...

Love your new shelf! I really love those salt boxes and that word "simplify" true!