Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Looking for the Sun!

Our Day started out with all these kids laughing as they attend a ~*~Day Camp~*~visiting Morro Bay! They were all so Happy!
Gotta Keep the ~*~KID~*~in ya!
Thought you would enjoy seeing this ~*~Mermaid Sailboat~*~ I loved it!
LOOK ,how calm the water is! Was just Beautiful!
Seeking the Sun! Half the Rock is gone!
We do find the sun!
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Doreen said...

What beautiful pictures!!!!!! Looks like a wonderful day..and that water does look just like glass :).


Our Primitive Heart said...

You can alway move back here Pam. Plenty of Sunshine this way.
I do envy that you get to walk along the beach like you do.
Want to trade .