Friday, November 6, 2009

The colors of Fall ~*~

Looking out my back door~
All the Beautiful Colors of Fall~*~
Thanksgiving is on it's way~
Remembering all the
~Pinecone Turkeys~
the kid's would make..such good Memories~
Aunt Jess and her ~*~Dressing~*~ for the Turkey~
alway's made it in the sink! Loved it~~
So I guess it's time to get all the
Turkey Goodies
Out and ready for
~*~A Great Thanksgiving~*~
Have a Wonderful Weekend you all~
Where ever you live ~ go and find the Fall Colors
and enjoy Family & Friends~~
Till next week~~~

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Ash said...

Too cute.. Love those colors... hee hee.. Enjoy them... I love you .. :)

Our Primitive Heart said...

What a blessed life you have. Being able to walk along the beach in the summer time and see wonderful color to look at in the fall.
Enjoy your blessing Pam.