Sunday, June 27, 2010

Early Birthday for Ty~*~

Took Ty to
for his ~*~13th~*~ Birthday..
We had a Fun Time~

~*~Ty and Moma~*~

Funny things they do~
Pour a glass of water blindfolded..
Was pretty funny~

~*~Good Food ~*~
Huge Ice Cream from McLintocks
What a Blessing this day is~
~*~Happy Happy Birthday Ty~*~
We Love You
Enjoy~*~The Present~*~

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Ash said...

How funny... and how much fun you all had!!! I love you...

PEA said...

I hope your Ty had a wonderful day. My Ty is 24 now and time sure has flown by.
What a fun looking place. Wish we had one. I would love to pour water on DH head blind folded. LOL