Friday, July 2, 2010

~*~This & That~*~

This Angel watches over me when I'm in
~*~The Kitchen~*~
Because I'm just not all that
in the kitchen.
Hee Hee


and a bit of
4th of July

The Community Garden~
A Community Garden to work in is very~ Nice ~
Especially if you have no place to garden at home.
A place to come and make a special garden , meet friends.
Or to simply just be ~Quiet~
Depending on your Mood~ :O)
The choice is yours!
Enjoy~*~The Present~*~

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Gifts said...

Hi Birdy, really appreciate the effort you put into this blog. Especially like the tools image, with the dull, rustic palette and leaning 'rest' of the tools as the wait for another day of toil.