Friday, October 7, 2011

Seals & Cookies~**~

~That time of year again~
This is a Proud
~Elephant Seal~
I'm thinking the Greeter!

~Looks like they are playing here~

~Gossip Session~

~Lot's of them~

Awe~The weather is nice~ Sun Bathing!

~This Little School is in "San Simeon"
The Big House at the top of the hill is
~Hearst Castle~

We had lunch here at
Was a very good sandwich!

~Great Wine Tasting~
"I had Water"

This Family has been here for Years!!

Old clock inside~
I love it

When we went to the Beach when I was little we
had an Ice Chest just like this!
We would hop in the back of the
55Chevy Truck and head out with the dog!
~What Fun~

~Just Pretty~

~Brown Butter Cookie Co.
in ~Cayucos Ca...
Such GOOD Cookies!
Please visit them on the web

Click on ~Our Store~

~The End~
Yummie Cookies
We had a great day..
Remember to~ Enjoy the Present...

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