Tuesday, November 12, 2013

~*~ My Trip to Gretchen's ~*~

We had a Wonderful Time 
at The Country Living Fair~*~ 2013

Sweet Primitive Booth

Then on to~
Fried Green Tomatoes~ 
Whistle Stop Cafe
I LOVED this~ 

~The Whistle Stop Cafe~

Had us some 
~Fried Green Tomatoes~
They were YUMMY!!! 

On to Savannah~ 
Beautiful City! 

Tybee Island~ 
Gretchen's Favorite~


Then to 
~ Paula Deen's~
Hoe Cakes!

Halloween with 
Ty & Sammie~

Ty and Erin~ 
The Chimney Sweet & Mary Poppin's
They won 1st place~ 

A bit of Antique window shopping~ 
Franklin Tennessee~ 
I loved this cabinet!!

Such a fun visit~ 
Then off to Ty's girlfriends track meet~ 
Had so much fun~

Ty's 7 year Cancer Free Dinner at
Joe's Crab Shack
~Fun Fun Fun~

Finally home~ 
Mike found us a Bar~ 
While I was gone he redid it all~ 
I love it! Going to hold my 
Thanksgiving Pies just fine~ 

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