Tuesday, March 11, 2008

~*~Almost Easter~*~

I So remember Easter Thyme when the girls were little....Was always fun looking for the right little Easter Outfit...Had to have the little hat and the little patton leather shoes...Oh! and the socks had to be just perfect with the lace...And the baskets had to be just right with all the little goodies in it...And Daddy had to have the Popcorn Bunnie!
The Easter Bunny had to have the little tiny tiny fluffy chicks to set just right in the Easter Basket....AND ya had to have lots of Jelly Beans for you and our Dog Sammy....Oh how he loved those Jelly Beans....We had so much fun dying the Easter Eggs! Red hands and all.....The smell of vinegar, yes that was always a sign it was Easter......Goodness how time flies...The Easter Bunny would hide the Eggs oh so special.....ONLY to find in the morning one Easter ...that Our Special Dog Sammy had ate the Eggs... Was not good! But we loved him so much we did not care....Always had to have a BBQ and be with Family! Our Easters are still very special with with all the grandkids.....and they are all getting big..Goodness I need some Great Grandkids now.....Something to look very forward too.....Smiles~*~Birdy


Caw of the Crow said...

Oh Moma...
How I remember those days! Time goes by so fast!! You always have made everything so special and still do!!! I can't wait to have you here and make some special memories here in Mississippi!! I love you with all my heart and soul!! Have a Hoppy Day!!
Love you, Gretchen Rebecca

Ash said...

You have ALWAY made each Holiday Special since I have been around... I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world... Thank you soo much for everything you doooooo... Your the Best grandma ever.. Im going to miss you all for ~*~* Easter *~*~ Well Maybe next Easter you'll have a great grandbaby hee hee... PRAY HARD hee hee.. Love you soooo much =)
Love Ash =)


Moma, i sure wish i was that little girl all over again. we were all so lucky. You and dad always made us three girls the most important thing in you life and we are sooooo lucky.we will miss you this easter but we hold all the traditions in our heart. i love you and daddy. take care of my boy and tell him i love him.