Thursday, June 12, 2008

~*~Fun Day with the Grandkids~*~

Having alot of fun at Arkabutla Lake....
We had lunch and watched alot of people fish!
~*~ Ty ~*~
~*~Miss Sammy!~*~

We went and got an Ice Cream at the
~*~Velvet Cream~*~
Was so so good..
I hope everyone it having a great day!
Smiles to all!

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GNG Girl said...

Cute!!! So they're back from Paris??? I'll have to email G! :o) I'm so glad you enjoyed your goodies! Aren't those envelopes cool? I found them at WallyWorld aka Walmart! :o) I have 7 framed pieces completed & I'll photograph & enter them tomorrow & wait for the 15th!!! I think you'll like this group! 4 pieces are the bigger size which was fun to do, more stuff in the picture! I'm going to try & get a couple tag sets done too-we'll see! Take care! XOXOL~