Wednesday, June 18, 2008

~*~Fun Stuff~*~

Yippie I found this chair in front of a house
it was just waiting for was black and ugly
and Mike and I painted it...I think it will look
really cute with a pillow and a doll in it... Ty found this at a Garage Sale on Saturday..
We just had to have it...
This lady who had it was so very nice..

Can sit and watch the fire flies in this ol' chair!

This is our portable garden!

It's a Watermelon *

and a Tomato*

and Basil~*~

I will take it to Miss Gretchen to

water when we leave..

Look at the size of this leaf!

Have no idea what the heck this little buger is!

Anybody out there know?

Can Ya see the Fire Fly?

It's kinda by the pole..

Hee Hee

Everyone have a great day ...


1 comment:

GNG Girl said...

Oh my! LOVE the chairs, lucky duck!:o) I sure wish we had fir e-flies they are so cool, that was the ONLY thing I liked about WASH DC when I was 9 yrs old! "You whooo Emma, are you out of the box yet?" :o)