Thursday, September 25, 2008

~*~Almost October~*~

Spooky Days are just around the corner..Little ones in Halloween costumes..Pumpkin Patch.

Corn Stalks..Mums..Candy Corn..Ghost & Goblins....Just a few things that make the Season fun!

So if ya haven't got your Punkins and Cornstalks you Best Be Gettin Them....

So get the kids in the wagon and take off for the Punkin Patch....Add a few soooky lights ..Some Bats and Rats...and decorate till your hearts content...Take lots of pictures....Enjoy the kids and get in the Spirit of Halloween...SMileS to All~*~Birdy

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Ash said...

I wish i had kids to enjoy this Holiday with them. To see the Joy and the fun they will have in there eyes.... Oneday.. For now i will buy lots of candy and pass it all out to the lil ones.. I cant wait.. First Halloween in our house.. yippie... I love you.. Muah::::::::::
Love Ashley =)