Monday, September 22, 2008

~*~Halloween is just around the Corner~*~

~*~This is Me Birdy~*~
How do you all like my costume? My Goodness!
My Mother made me this costume.
My HiPs were made from foam! My hair was green and my glass had dried ice in it and it made fog!
She drew my eyebrows on too. AND check out the lipstick!
My Mom! What a Wonderful Lady she was Miss her so!
Always made my Halloween Costumes!
SMileS to all Birdy~*~


Caw of the Crow said...

So Sweet!!! She was a wonderful lady just like you!! I LOVE this picture so much!! I NEVER knew your hair was green though!! How funny!!!! I can picture it now!!!
I love you so so so much!!! See you SOON! & off to football we will go!!! Yippie!
I love you!!!
Love, Gretchen

Linda ~ AKA Ms. Belle said...

Ms. Weezer don't ya look so cute! I LOVE it! Happy Fall days!
Love ya lots!

Ashley said...
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