Sunday, October 19, 2008

~*~Week End Finds~*~

I needed a table for my kitchen! yippie going to paint it black ...
Will let you see when I'm done!
Total cost $10.00

I love this Little Rocker!!!

Mike is going to fix it up for me and I will make a cute cushion for it

Total cost $ 5.00

This is an old radio...goodness all the radio is gone!

I have some great plans for this little guy!

I love all the detail on it...

Total cost $ 5.00

This is a step stool like Mike used to make at


Needs some repair but it is going to be

Better than New!

and it has a cubby to put goodies...

Total cost $ 1.00

LoVe the ToP!

So going to get busy on all this stuff and let you all know how it all turns out!

Pretty excited to get started...HOPE everyone is having a good day and enjoying your families!


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