Friday, October 31, 2008

~*~Happy Halloween to All My Friends~*~

Halloween brings so many Good Memories!
All the Tricker Treating with my own Children..
Mrs.Gilliam with her Rubber Chicken that used to Scare the girls to death!
Bob Collins with his Scary yard!
Carving the little pumpkins and saving the seeds!
And then packing up the candy and hot chocolate and
heading to the parade ....
Everyone have fun making Memories with your own
Have a safe and fun Halloween...SmileS ~*~Birdy

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

~*~Annie in the Oven~*~

Annie is in the Oven getting ready for the Christmas Holiday's..She will be assembled tomorrow..She will have some Yummy Candy Canes and a few more goodies in her Stocking... HOPE Everyone is having a Great Day...Fall is in the Air! A wonderful time of the year! Smiles To All~*~Birdy
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Monday, October 27, 2008

~*~Our Road Trip Today~*~

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We had a Great Road Trip today over to Alabama and around thru Tennessee and back to Mississippi!
Was Beautiful...Lots of backroads and picket fences...
This was just the most Beautiful Tree we saw today!
Hope you had a great day! ~*~SMileS Birdy

Sunday, October 26, 2008

~*~Halloween in Mississippi~*

The Neighbors down the street put this in their front yard! So funny....Only in Mississippi~*~So Mike and I and the kids walked down and had to take a picture of them with it! They were cracking up....Grandma Please!
We had fun today...they spent the night and we worked in Grandma's Garden very hard today picking weeds and trimming the flowers! They were pooped out when they were done...Got baths and jammies on and Moma picked them up....It was a Wonderful Day!
Hope you all had a Great Weekend! SMileS to all....~*~Birdy
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

~*~My Morro Bay Rocker~*~

My Funky Morro Bay Rocker is all done!
Sure the heck looks alot happier than it did in the "Before" pic!
See Pictures below!
Total Make Over cost $ 5.00
Now, I need to get busy on the little radio...
Hope all are having a great Thursday!
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

~*~Back to Basics~*~PaiNtinG I love it!

I've got my Good Ol' Paint Brush and my New Can of Paint and I'm a Happy Painter!
Paint Paint Paint
~*~Country White~*~

Look at how Fresh this Paint is!

and CleAn!
We have our first coat of Fresh Paint...

Sweet Lil Rocker...Maybe tomorrow I will go get the material for the little seat pad.

Mike made me one today! Bless his lil heart!

He is so good at that kind of stuff..Thank You!

So I'm off to scuff and stain ...

Hope everyone is having a great day! SmileS to All! Birdy

~*~Just Around the Corner~*~

Monday, October 20, 2008

~*~Homecoming Dance ~*~

Just look at those kids.....Our Grandkids going to the Homecoming Dance Saturday Night! Goodness ,they are all growing up way too too fast...From left to right...Michael ~*~Cissie~*~Carissa~*~Tyler! They had a very good time....All dressed up ! and don't they look nice!!!
Just had to get out the BRAG BOOK!...HOPE everyone is having a great week! Smiles to All Proud Grandma Birdy!
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

~*~Week End Finds~*~

I needed a table for my kitchen! yippie going to paint it black ...
Will let you see when I'm done!
Total cost $10.00

I love this Little Rocker!!!

Mike is going to fix it up for me and I will make a cute cushion for it

Total cost $ 5.00

This is an old radio...goodness all the radio is gone!

I have some great plans for this little guy!

I love all the detail on it...

Total cost $ 5.00

This is a step stool like Mike used to make at


Needs some repair but it is going to be

Better than New!

and it has a cubby to put goodies...

Total cost $ 1.00

LoVe the ToP!

So going to get busy on all this stuff and let you all know how it all turns out!

Pretty excited to get started...HOPE everyone is having a good day and enjoying your families!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

~*~Happy Birthday Miss Sammy~*~

Miss Sammy had her 9th Birthday Party! We had a Ball...I was the Witch..Miss Sammy was the Bumble Bee!
She was so Happy with her Halloween Jammies and socks! Good Time was had by All!! HOPE you all are having a
~*~Wonderful Week-end~*~ Smiles to All~*~Birdy
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

~*~Tag Find~*~

~*~ This is my little FIND at the Tag Sale~*~
~*~ ~*~A few of my FAVORITE things!

~*~Tag Sale~*~

~*~Mississippi Fun~*~Click Picture to shop up close!
OH! Goodness the flowers were Beautiful...and so so many of them...

This was what they called "Trade Day " in Coldwater Mississippi!

They had everything from Flowers ~*~Turkeys~*~Chickens~*~Quilts ~*~Antique Furniture~*~Tree Stands for hunting~*~And my favorite Old ugly pieces of furniture just right for painting! Was Great and the nicest people...

I bought a funky little spice holder ...forgot to take a picture of it ....

I wanted EVERYTHING here!

Friday, October 10, 2008

~*~IT's almost the week end~*~

Hi Everyone! It's almost the week end and time for Family & Friends. We are going to go look at some junk stores today...I miss all the funky things I used to find when we had
So~*~ going to go look for some goodies to put in my Sewing Room upstairs..and then I will get busy sewing a Sweet lil Snowman... It's a Beautiful Day and I'm going to get going and enjoy the Day...Smiles to All~*~Birdy

Sunday, October 5, 2008

~*~ Halloween is Full of Fun~*~

Went to the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday!
We had lots of fun!
Got Cornstalks and Pumpkins..
Look at all the Corn on them there Stalks!
Hope you all are having a great Weekend!
HOPE you like my new Halloween graphics!
I so love this time of year!
All the leaves changing are so Beautiful!
SmileS to you all~*~Birdy