Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Painting the Halloween Bathroom~*~

So Peaceful Now....I used to run in here and try to get out as ~*~QuIcK~*~as I could! Now I think I will light some candles and jump in the Big Tub and ReLaX! Meander down and see the ScArRy Picture!!!

This is just the ugliest color I have ever ever ever seen! ~*~SCARRRY~*~
I love the new Peaceful Look! I'm in the Big Ol' Tub under this window!! Ya just can't see me! Thank Goodness! Just Kidding! Everyone have a great day and see you tomorrow here at Birdy's!

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Robin said...

Love the new color!

L~ said...

My, what good taste you have ma'am! :)
Looove the new color, we only have one potty in our itty bitty rambler & guess what color it is??? :)

I have a suggestion for a trick I used when staging houses to sell.
Put up a shower curtain to soften that space w/the metal & glass shower doors. It was always a huge hit & made the rooms more "spa like."
Besides, it will give you one more item to decorate with & I'm SURE you have some yummy fabric to whip up the perfect curtain! :)
Feel free to take full credit when people tell you how amazingly creative you are!!!! :)

plain*worker*primitives said...

Okay, I can't get over this...the colors...I love the browns and creams and greens..Perfect!

Then you've got those AMAZING stitcherys...LOVE IT!!!


~*~Birdy~*~ said...

Thank You all for all the nice comments! I'm so happy with it!
Not scared to go in their any more!