Monday, May 25, 2009

Sammy's Campfire~*~

 Miss Sammy with Emma after the big rain storm!
 Sammy by her Campfire she worked so HARD to keep burning! She gathered sticks and paper and kept it going thur 2 rain storms! Her Moma stood by it with 2 umbrellas to keep it from going out! Now that is a Good Moma!
 Sammy cooking her ~*~SMoreS~*~ Thank You Sammy for a great Campfire! You did a good job!
 Sammys Great Great Fire! A good time was had by all! Thank You Sammy! We Love you!

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Ash said...

Leave it to a girl lol.... Good Job Sammmmmmm.... Wish I was there the have one of those Smores.. Mmmm.. bet they were good...

Tami said...

How cute.....what a sweetie she must be!!

Thanks for stopping by A Girl's Gotta Nest and following...I see that you have also added my button to your side bar....thanks for the sweetness!!

Do stop by again soon!!

Caw of the Crow said...

~ Those were the BEST smores EVER!!! Rain or shine we were GOING TO HAVE them!!~ We had a great time all together!! Can't wait to go back...minus the rain OF COURSE!!!~ Love you!!~