Friday, March 27, 2009

~*~Need Some Company~*~

It's Friday and I wish I had some company coming for the weekend, to sit around the table and eat and visit!
I guess I will just dust the table and order Pizza! Everyone have a great great weekend ! Enjoy Family & Friends!

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Ash said...

Oh Grandma... Your funny... I wish i was up there... BooHoo.... I love and miss you very much...
Love ash =)

Touchofsunshine said...

Oh sound good. I haven't been able to order pizza since we moved to Lucerne Vally, They don't have pizza delivery here. boohoo.
Have a great weekend.

Touchofsunshine said...

Doing well Birdy, Love reading your blog. So glad the weather is nice again.

Have you seen this website.
Great eye candy.