Monday, March 30, 2009

~*~ Primitive Jars for WhAtEvEr~*~

I'm obsessed with jars! Could have one for everything imaginable! The more the Merrier I'am!
Pretzels~*~Cereal~*~Candy~*~ Q-tips~*~ ..You name it..I had fun making this jar up all Primitive!
Hope you all like it!

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Ash said...

How cute .. I love it... Is that what you were trying to do yesterday.. LOL.. I love you
Love Ash =)

Touchofsunshine said...

I like it. Thank for sharing the label with me Birdy

Stacey said...

Sweet! I love old jars too. This label and homespun tie are the perfect touch! :) Have a great day! ~Stacey

the voice of melody said...

It's so cute!