Wednesday, March 11, 2009

~*~Taco Night~*~

It's Wednesday!! ~*~Taco Night~*~ in Barstow! Oh! How I wish I was there!!! All ready to eat those tacos and I DO want one of those Combination Burrito with Green Sauce! Oh YUMMMMMMMY!! I miss that so so much! Right now I would like to get in my car and go get me a Diet Coke with Lemon, Small Fries, and a Combination Burrito w/green sauce! Now that is GrEaT! Everyone in Barstow !!! EnJOY Taco Night!! Yippie!!

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L~ said...

Ohhh you crack me up girlfriend!:)


Caw of the Crow said...

~You and me BOTH!!~ boo hoo!!~
We should build our own out here!! ha ha!!
I love you!!!
love, Gpoo

Ash said...

Well Get In Your Car And Come On Down... Hee Hee ... I Love You..
Ashley =)
Hurry Up Already... Its getting Late.... lol