Tuesday, July 15, 2008

~*~Beautiful Morro Bay~*~

This is such a great picture I just had to
it with you all!
The seagulls were circling all around
and diving in the water....
~*~Please click to enlarge~*~

There were dolphins and seals

out there jumping all around!

This Ship is dredging the the Bay to keep it

Clean and Nice!

Morro Rock in the back !

I need to paint some of these


Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


1 comment:

GNG Girl said...

Love it, think we might have to make our way there at some point, looks like a great vacation destination! Most importantly, how's the shopping? HA:o)
What is Morrow rock made out of it looks very white in the pic like a really big piece of salt!!! thanx 4sharing your great pics!