Wednesday, July 2, 2008

~*~Fog or NO Fog?~*~

That is the question?? Goodness last year all we saw was a Pink cloud...or a Green cloud ...or maybe a Blue Cloud~*~* HOPEfully we will have Clear Skies~*~
Or we will look like Jack in a Fog!
HOPE everyone is having a Great Day ! Enjoy your day~*~ Smiles Birdy

"Jack in a Fog"

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GNG Girl said...

Don't worry it's up here that almost always has a soggy 4th celebration!:o)Goodness NOOOOO, I am not opening my own shop however, I am going to have a bit of space back in the shop I started in! WOW that was 10 years ago come Sept.!!!Time flies! I'll send pics for sure! I'm still going to keep the CFP's shoppe! :O)Gotta run, so much to paint!HA & so it begins(again)!:o)xoxoL~