Thursday, July 10, 2008

~*~Went for a Walk to Morro Rock Today~*~

We saw 1 Poor Boat that had hit Morro Rock in the fog the day before...
A dog chasing a ball by the lifeguard classes..This dog "LoVeD"
going in the ocean getting his ball! Was so neat.... he is that black speck to the left of the picture!

Here is a Beautiful Bird....Looks so peaceful huh!
Tomorrow is our 43 Wedding Anniversary! Goodness I don't know how Mike has put up with me for so LOOONG!
Probably because I'm just so darn SweeT! ( He never reads this Blog!!!) Hee Hee....We met at Daggett Airport Swimming Pool on the 4th of July....It's been Fireworks ever since...
That would be where I took my Life Guard Classes!
My how time flies when you are having "FUN"
Everyone have a Great Day.....SmileS~*~Birdy


Sharon Stevens said...

Hey..43 go girlfriend!! Sure miss your shop. Just not the same around here w/o ya. Hope everything is going well. I'm doing fine and my business is going as good as ever.

Caw of the Crow said...

Hi Moma!! I love you!!! So glad you met Daddy & lived Happily Ever After!!! love, Gpoo

Linda ~ AKA Ms. Belle said...
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Linda ~ AKA Ms. Belle said...

Oh Ms. Weezer Happy Anniversary! :-) I loved all your pictures you took on your walk to the rock.. Have a HAPPY DAY!
Love, Belle