Wednesday, July 23, 2008

~*~Trip to Pismo Beach~*~

The Beautiful White Magnolia!
No were not in Mississippi!
We went to Pismo Beach ...

It was a Beautiful Day at Pismo Pier!

Samantha * Grandpa * Ty * Ashley

Carey ~*~Gretchen

Shell Beach...

Gretchen * Ty * Carey * Ashley

A Good Time was had by All!

We so enjoyed having Carey and Ashley and Gretchen and the kids here...

Had lunch at Mo's in Pismo...Ya'll have to try it !

If you are ever in Pismo!! So So Good !

Mo's Motto!

Mo Knows


But He

Don't Know

Fish & He

Don't Know


The Pelicans were in full force and so Beautiful too....

Everyone have a Great Day! Smiles~*~Birdy


Mia said...

Oh - that all looks so lovely. Isn't it wonderful when you can spend a day like that with family? All too rare around here, but it does happen occasionally.
Great pics, Birdy. :o)


Linda ~ AKA Ms. Belle said...

Oh LOOK at those Beautiful KIDS! The true meaning of family! Glad you are enjoying all of your vistors! We MISS ya Me. Weezer!
Big HUGS! Belle